Best Installation Practices

Complete Installation Document covering proper opening preparation and proper installation achieving successful, long lasting weather management solutions.

Proper Measurement

  • Width First, then Height
  • Bow and Crown
  • Level and Planar
  • Plumb and Square

Proper Tools and Hardware

  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Specialty Window Tools
  • Screws, Anchors and Clip

Window Parts and Styles

  • Window Anatomy
  • Window Hardware
  • Window Types and Styles
  • Window Operating Types

Window Removal Part One

  • Guidelines
  • Frame-In or Frame-Out
  • Removing Wood Sash
  • Removing Metal Sash

Window Removal Part Two

  • Take the Old Frame Out
  • Removing Steel Windows
  • Removing Aluminum Windows
  • Concrete/Masonry Tear out

Proper Shimming Installation

  • Tapered Shims
  • Stack-able Shims
  • Inflatable Shims
  • Integral Shims and Butterfly Shims

Jamb Liner Installation

  • F-Channel
  • Jamb, Head and Sill Liners
  • Fasteners
  • Coordinating Trim

Proper Window Fastening

  • Screws
  • Clips
  • Simplex Nails
  • Best Practices

Lead-Safe Installation

  • Proper Lead Testing and Notice
  • Containment and Disposal
  • EPA Rules
  • Equipment and Supplies

Window and Door Disposal

  • Recycle
  • Glass Recycle
  • Bagging Debris
  • Municipal Waste

Caulks and Sealants

  • Adhesive
  • Expandable
  • SPF Foams
  • Proper Gunning

Foam Tape Sealing

  • Gap Install
  • Behind Flange/Fin
  • Retrofit Installation
  • Sealing

Insulate Sash Pockets Frame

  • Cure Drafts in Box Frame Install
  • Insulate Sash Pockets
  • Insulate Behind Jambs
  • Insulate Sill and Headers

Water Management

  • Divert, Drain and Dry
  • Reconnecting the 5 Climate Barriers
  • Impel Rods
  • Barrier and Drainage Installation

Condensation Information

Condensation, which can appear as a light coating of water or frost, forms on any surface when the temperature of that surface is less than its dew point temperature.

Proper Egress and Safety

  • Proper Size for Escape
  • Tempered Glazing Rules
  • Storm Safe
  • Sill Height

Wind and Storm Protection

  • Glazing
  • Window Loads
  • Wind Zones
  • Testing

Sound and Noise Control

  • Asymmetric Glazing
  • Decibels and Comfort
  • Isolating the Frame
  • Double Windows

Application Variations

  • Wood Windows Frame in and Out
  • Aluminum Window Frame in and Out
  • Steel Windows Frame in and Out
  • Install Variations

Frame-In vs. Frame-Out

  • How To Choose
  • Proper Sealing for Each
  • Measuring for Each
  • Structural Considerations

New Construction Applications

  • Remodeling
  • Flashing (Method A and B)
  • Sill Pans
  • Vapor Barrier

Proper Flashing Installation

  • Vapor Barriers
  • Sill Pans
  • Drip Caps
  • Method A and Method B

Casement and Awning Windows

  • Frame-In
  • Frame-Out
  • Tilt-Turn
  • Outside-In Installation

Outside-In Box Frame

  • Install Without Head Expander
  • Dealing with Exterior Stop
  • Sealing Inside and Outside
  • Preserving Inside Trim

Bay, Bow and Garden

  • Proper Measure
  • Determine Overhang
  • Sill Support
  • Roof Construction

Single/Double Hung Box Frame

  • Blind Stop
  • Pocket Install
  • Remove, Prepare, Install
  • Wrapping the Opening

Steel Window Replacement

  • Removing Frame from Masonry
  • Leaving Old Frame In
  • Jumping Frame
  • Trim and Sealing Considerations

Box Frame Sliding Windows

  • Box Frame
  • Frame-Out or Frame-In
  • Fin/Flange/Flush
  • With and Without Head Expander

Finned Window Replacement

  • Remove Old Finned Window
  • Re-Trim with Wider Exterior
  • Use Box Frame Replacement Window
  • Pocket Install to Outside Trim

Tilt/Turn Installation

  • Proper Sizing for Proper Fit
  • Important Use of Capture Block
  • Wood and Block Installation
  • Tilt/Slide and Fold/Slide Doors

Curved and Angled Windows

  • Circle Tops
  • Picture Windows
  • Trapezoids
  • Exterior Sealing

Coastal Window Replacement

  • Proper Removal
  • Wood Surround/Mounting
  • Dealing with the Gap
  • Rebuild Opening

Coastal Buck Installation

  • CMU Opening
  • Masonry Wall
  • Impact Glazing
  • Wind Loads and Codes

Combining and Mulling

  • Snap Mulls
  • H-Mulls
  • Structural Mulls
  • Combinations

Aluminum Windows

  • Pry Out Old Frame
  • Leaving Old Frame In
  • Interior Sill
  • Level Sill

Patio and Entry Doors

  • Wood Buck
  • Nailing Fin
  • Brick Mold
  • Proper Sill Preparation

Replace Window with Door

  • Remove Old Window
  • Prepare New Header
  • Frame for New Door
  • Install Door

Curved Opening in Masonry

  • Kerfed Wood
  • Flexible PVC Foam Trim
  • Special Shapes
  • Trim

Masonry Installation

  • Masonry/Brick Veneer
  • Wood Buck Surround
  • Fin, Flange, Flush
  • Install in Stucco

Frame Fin Mount and J-Channel

  • Proper Flashing
  • Proper Overlapping Flashing
  • Foam Board Sheathing
  • Integral J-Channel Install

Jump Frame Installation

  • Stucco Frontal Flange
  • Safe Removal of Old Window
  • Proper Drip Cap
  • Proper Perimeter Sealing

Basement Windows

  • Hopper
  • Sliding
  • Specialty
  • Sealing

Replace Window with Door

  • Remove Old Window
  • Prepare New Header
  • Frame for New Door
  • Install Door

Curved Opening in Masonry

  • Kerfed Wood
  • Flexible PVC Foam Trim
  • Special Shapes
  • Trim

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