Our Factory

Vinyl Kraft was first located in the old Glockner Oil building in Lucasville, Ohio.  There was no existing customer base and only four employees at that time, with one salesman, Sheldon Kahan.  Sheldon went out and hustled up business for the newly formed company.  And in 1992, the actual first full year of production, 13,500 windows were produced.

In 1994, Vinyl Kraft moved into a vacant department store building in New Boston, Ohio.  This was a much larger facility, 66,000 square feet.

By 1999, Vinyl Kraft had grown to 126 employees and produced 73,000 windows.

In 2010, during the tax credit period, production increased to 117,000 windows and 2 shifts.

During 2013 and 2014, Vinyl Kraft averaged nearly 110,000 windows per year, produced efficiently on one shift, as training in Lean Manufacturing paid large dividends in eliminating waste and increasing productivity.

By 2015 we were producing 123,000 windows.

Projections for our 35th year anniversary, 2026, are set to exceed 185,000.