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Vinyl Kraft Windows and Doors

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Vinyl Kraft Legacy Series Vinyl Kraft 5500 Series Vinyl Kraft Trustgard Series

The Vinyl Kraft Legacy window has a long tradition, in the industry, as one of the best values available to the homeowner. The basic window construction has been re-engineered and the materials upgraded to provide you with a maintenance free and energy efficient window that is a great cost-effective choice. 
With all Vinyl Kraft products, Super Spacer is standard, along with a number of other features that other companies charge extra for. We believe that you will be ecstatic with the maintenance free vinyl construction and the increased resale value of your home. 
Legacy, it’s a win, win, win. Increased home value, energy savings, and an appearance you will enjoy for many years to come.
















uPVC all welded construction

  • Dual vent stops
  • Constant force balances
  • Both sash have recessed
    tilt latches
  • Pre insulated foam frame wrap (optional)
  • Multi layer weather stripping
  • 3/4" glass glazed outside
  • Gas fill option
  • Dual interlocking meeting rail
  • Dual weather-stripping
  • Steel reinforcements
  • Sloped sill

Grille Options
The dust-free grilles are placed in the air space between the window panes. They are offered in two different colors and styles. Sculptured and Flat.

All of our windows come standard with a heavy duty extruded aluminum frame half screens. Full screens are available. Unlike the old screens of the past, our new screens are made of a fiberglass cloth.




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